Day 52: HOME

Left my relative's house fairly early. I had a confusing ride through the center of Providence, but finally made it to the Blackstone River bikeway! That was a nice ride out of north Providence to downtown Woonsocket.

I got a bit lost in Woonsocket because the route to 126 wasn't very well marked heading north into Mass. Once I found it though, it was smooth riding all the way to route 16 near Holliston; almost, I had one flat tire. Once I was in Natick, I ditched my map and took a bit of a roundabout way home so I could ride through some familiar neighborhoods! I ended up hopping on 27 through into wayland, and after eating at Five Guys, I followed route 30 home to Waltham!

I got home at around 6:30 or so. My dog was out back, so I walked around into the backyard. She completely didn't recognize me with all my gear on and was completely freaking out! Once I spoke and took off my helmet though, it was a 180 reaction and she freaked out again, this time recognizing me.

It's been a fantastic trip though! I have some pics that I'll post when I get a chance off my disposable camera. But, that's it!

In reality, this is a bit late, I've been home for days now. But I've been pretty busy and had a lot on my mind, oh well, it's done now. It's definitely been a bit hard to adjust, I've got a feeling of boredom staying in one place, and now that I feel grounded again I don't really have the same sense of freedom in my ability to up and go ride somewhere far. It's not the same knowing I have to come right back at the end of the day. That's not to say I'm not gonna be doing any riding though. I guess it's just a bit hard to accept that the adventure is simply over for now.

Whelp, time to go be part of the real world again.