Woke up bright and early. That stupid dog started barking at me again once I began rustling my tent back into it's storage bag. I stopped at a local Mcdonalds for breakfast, used the internet for a half hour, and was on my way. It was a couple hours before I made it the final 25-30 miles to Orient Point where the ferry is. I happened to show up minutes before the next hourly ferry was scheduled to leave. I bought my ticket, rode on with all the cars, locked my bike against a pole in the cargo area and headed up to the deck. There was a restaurant and bar on the boat, so I got some lunch and a beer to pass the time. The boat ride was almost an hour and a half long. After eating and finishing my beer, I went to deck outside and laid down on a bench and took a nap until I was woken up by the speakers telling us we're about to arrive.

I arrived in New London, CT. And I puttered about for almost an hour looking for somewhere I could sit down and use the internet. Finally a gas station was nice enough to let me use their private wifi to google maps my area. I remembered that I have a family member near Providence, and I decided I should make that my next stop. It's about 50 miles away, and the elevation chart wasn't making me too happy. The land doesn't climb very high, but it's up and down the whole way. Considering how I had done 75 miles yesterday, I wasn't too keen on clocking another 75-80 miles today. So instead of heading over there, I decided to grab a hotel here in New London, take today as an easy day to let my legs recover for the final stretch, and head over to the Providence area tomorrow.