Day 48: Manhattan and Long Island

Morristown was a nice city. They took me to a good local breakfast cafe where we ate. Shortly after, I packed up and headed out. I rode for a bit and ended up taking a train into Manhattan instead of taking one of the bridges or ferry. The train saved me a bit of confusing urban riding since I didn't have any maps of the area and there was no direct route in any way to Manhattan from where I was. I didn't spend much time in Manhattan, it was too crowded for me and my bike. I rode over into Queens and slowly made my way over to Long Island. I ended up heading over to Billy's house which was on my way. As it turned out, he only arrived home earlier today. I arrived in the evening and discovered they were having a welcome home party for him in the backyard. Billy invited me in and introduced me to everyone and we hung out all night! Billy's parent's were great, and his brother even offered to give up his bedroom to let me sleep on the bed! I ended up staying up way too late, but I had a fun night and eventually went to sleep.