Day 49: Long Island

Left Billy's at around 10am. His mom was awake and served me some breakfast and we chatted for a while before I left. I went and woke up Billy to say thanks and bye. Hopefully we'll have a chance to chill sometime after this. I hit the road finally and hopped on route 25 heading east towards Orient where the Ferry to New London, CT is. I was pumped for the nice scenic ocean ride along the flatness of Long Island. Not to say it wasn't a nice ride, but it just kept going and going. I also didn't get any looks at the ocean either which was a bummer. It was a very long and arduous effort to just keep going all day. I had the itching urge to just take naps all day and I took a half dozen half hour naps on random patches of grass all along Long Island. Originally, I wanted to get to Orient tonight, and hop on the ferry first thing in the AM. Had I left Billy's hours sooner, I'd have done it. I rode about 75 miles or so before the sun began to set and I needed to call it a night. The area I ended up in was very urban, which was unfortunate because it made stealth camping difficult. I ended up ducking out behind this medical office building right inbetween it's back wall and some low hanging pine trees where I was mostly not visible from the parking lot. Aside from this dog next door that incessantly barked at me for hours, even after I stopped making noise and went to sleep, it was an uneventful night (the best kind when stealth camping!).