Day 47: Morristown, NJ

Shortly after waking up this morning, the daughter of the fire chief, Adrian, stopped by and brought us an envelope with $20 in it from their family to help Kristine and I out. Adrian was also nice enough to bring us coffee and some breakfast. We chatted for a bit and she left to go to work. Kristine and I will be parting ways today. She has plans to meet friends in Morristown tomorrow, and is in no rush to get there today. I, however, want to be in Morristown today so I can continue on my way. After packing up camp, we rode into downtown Easton and stopped at a coffee shop.

After hanging out and me mapping my route for the day, Kristine and I went our seperate ways! Leaving Pennsylvania, I was naively convinced that it'd be flat. Not quite the case, early in the day I hit one little mountain called Point Mountain. It wasn't that big, but it was a very steep climb straight up to the top, I underestimated it a lot, and it took a toll on my legs for not pacing myself properly which made the rest of the day reasonably painful with the rolling hills.

I contacted a couple on Warmshowers in Morristown to spend the night. Despite short notice they were very nice and invited me over. I finally made it to Morristown, a cool guy named Paul saw me fumbling with my maps to try to find the street I was looking for. He was very interested in my trip and, being a bicyclist himself, offered me a bicycling map and guide to Manhattan!

After chatting with Paul for a while, I was put on the right track to Steven's (from warmshowers). Turns out, they were preparing for another cycling guest that night who cancelled on them. Funny enough, I found out later that night that it happened to be Kristine before she decided to not go to Morristown tonight. We went out for burritos, and they let me sleep on their futon for the night. A fun side note, they showed me their storage shed full of bikes, they have not one, but two Windsor Tourists like mine!