Day 46: Easton; almost New Jersey

We woke up in the morning to the sound of contractors trimming trees. We ignored them and continued to sleep for a half hour or so until we heard one of the contractors say: "Hey, look, campers". Kristine and I got up right there, packed up and got out. Today was an extremely easy day! Our original Destination was Bath, PA. But we ended up cruising on right through it all the way to Easton, PA. Right the border of New Jersey.

I called a local fire station, and spoke with the fire chief. He gave us permission to camp on the fire station's back lawn. We eventually got there and the volunteer fire fighters hung out with us for an hour before they eventually left for the night. They gave us T-shirts before they left with their fire station printed on it. Some kind of volunteer shirt. I ended up going to a local pub for a beer and some dinner, while Kristine just went to bed.