Day 44: New Tires!

Woke up early and walked to the post office to see if my tires shipped with the morning shipment. It didn't and they said to come back after noon. I did, and the package still didn't quite arrive. I went online and checked for a tracking number, and when I went back, I found out from the supervisor, that my tires not only arrived ealrier, but they were tossed into the sorting facility out back with thousands of other packages. They told me that they wouldn't have it ready for me until tomorrow. I was bummed, I paid for next day shipping. I ended up going to another bike shop, buying another set of tires, then going to the post office and setting a forwarding address to home. I'll return them whenever I get there.

Kristine was awesome to wait for me while I sorted this out. We finally hit the road at around 2:30-3:00pm. We had a good ride to Lewisburg. Just under 10 miles out on a rails to trals bike path. We rode up along Mary and Scott who struck up conversation as we rode. Finding out we were planning on camping somewhere, Mary offered her place just off the bike path! We rode over with them, and Mary served us dinner which was fantastic! And we chatted and hung out for a while, until Kristine and I crashed in their back porch.