Day 43: State College

Woke up and the three of us went and got some mcdonalds. They charged their phones and I used the internet for a little while while we ate breakfast. They had a ride to State College ahead of them so they took off before I did to hit the road. After puttering about and just using the internet for an hour or so, I headed out to the gas station across the street to make a sign. I ended up going to a CVS and getting a box to cut up, and going to another gas station a block away that's in front of a motel. After about an hour of standing around and talking to people, I went and sat down at the motel outside, and mounted the sign to my bike facing the gas station, after a little while and me communicating with some people online who lived nearby, a couple dudes, Dean and Tyson offered me a ride! They were cool, they drove me there and showed me a good spot to camp for the night just in case. They dropped me off in front of a bike shop, where I left it for the night to get some adjustments. I met up with Kristine to find out her cousin bought a hotel room for us. Billy kept going though, he was eager to get home! Kristine and I joined a group of guys who were bar hopping, and we all got dinner with them before seperating and eventually going to sleep.