Day 41: Punxsutawney; aka the groundhog place

We had a slow start this morning. The hotel was comfortable, we did laundry and did some mapping of our route for the upcoming days. Billy left earlier in the morning because he wanted to hit the road. Kristine and I stayed behind longer at the hotel to detail our map a bit more. We rode country roads most of the way, and it was a slow but beautiful ride through the country. We rolled into Punxsutawney at around 10:30pm. It was already after dark, so there was no longer a sun to race against Billy was already in town somewhere camping, and in the dark we knew we wouldn't find him till morning. So we ended up going to a bar for a half hour to get a beer, then mcdonalds for a late dinner and to get out of the cold. We rolled out of town along the bike path around midnight and just put up our tents right off the path in the woods. It wasn't even grassy... it was like ferns everywhere almost waist high, but it was late so we decided fuck it and put up our tents anyways right on them.