Day 40: Start of the real mountains

(overlap from last post)

We had a good night sleep in that park in Rochester overlooking the River. Kristine woke up a bit earlier and took off to go to a coffee shop and head out. Billy and I woke up at around the same time, and we decided to head out together. We rode about 10 miles to a diner where we had breakfast and I wrote my last post.

(end of overlap)

The route was mountains all day, and we had scatterd thunderstorms as well. At one point, as the worst of the storms all day began picking up, I got a flat tire. Billy didn't realize what happened and we were rolling downhill, so he just took right off. I couldn't patch my tube in the rain, so with no other options, I began walking my bike along this country road. After about 20-30 minutes of walking, I noticed a shed with a wide open door in someone's front yard, given the situation, I had every intention of hiding in it. As I approached it, I realized Billy had the same idea! So we regrouped in that shed and I changed my tire. About 45 minutes later, the rain stopped and we continued on our way. We finally made it to Kittanning in the evening, Kristine was there waiting for us, and since this town wasn't really the best for camping, and our stuff was wet. We decided to get a hotel for the night.

On a side note, my phone won't charge. So no pictures were taken. It also won't turn on. I also lost my journal last week, and only recently picked up a new one. Hopefully it'll be found and returned to me somehow, but I'm keeping a new journal that has a starting date on June 9th. Oh well.