Day 15 and 16: hitchhiking and Florence, AL

I'm regretting not waiting for the Tupelo bike shop to open. My wheels are having issues and they're getting worse. I'm getting flat tires way too often. Turns out, I think the spoke I replaced was a pinch too long and it was poking the inner tube. Regardless, I wasn't going anywhere fast and I needed to get to a shop. I ended up picking up a ride with a cool guy named Van. He gave me a brief tour of muscle shoals and drove me right to the bike shop: Shoals Bicycle Shop. Unfortunately, the bike shop was closed on Mondays. It was early so I walked around the downtown area and grabbed some Mexican food at a local place. I ended up getting a hotel to spend the night and give me a place to store my stuff.

Today, I hit the bike shop where I spent all morning. I got my wheel balanced and had some other work done too. I really enjoyed chatting with Jim and he helped me out a lot with my bike. It was a good shop and Jim knew his stuff! I'm grabbing lunch before I take off then it's back to the trace! There is a campsite backtracking the trace not far. I may go there for the night. Either way, I'll hit Tennessee tonight or tomorrow.