Day 1: Eugene -> Siuslaw Falls park

Got a late start, I didn’t hit the road until around 1:30-2pm. The ride was mostly easy with one or two larger hills. I reached Siuslaw Falls park around 5pm and decided that I’d probably stay there tonight. That way I could make some adjustments to my fenders and derailleur.

Unfortunately, the picnic area had multiple family groups occupying it. After working on my bike, I slung up my hammock off to the side and took a nap for an hour or so. The parties left at around 6:30, so I started preparing dinner before setting up camp, however, as I was finishing up cooking, a few new groups arrived with canoes for the river. I didn’t want people knowing that I intended to sleep there, so I ended up leaving to scope the road ahead for more remote suitable alternatives, I had a couple choices scoped out by the time I got back to see if the picnic area was empty, luckily, it was. So I set up my hammock again and napped until sundown. Once the sun started to set, I setup my tent and went to bed for real.

Additionally, I couldn't get my camera running all day, so no pictures.